1. College Building and Classrooms: College has its own building with classrooms, staff room, office, principal's room and one e-classroom.
  2. The college campus is covered under CCTv camera.
  3. Hostel (Boy’s)
  4. Computer Centre: The computer centre has 10 computers.
  5. Library: In the library there are approximately 14,000 books available related to arts, science, commerce and social science.
  6. Gym: Modern gym equipments are available in the Gym.
  7. Sports
  8. Playground
  9. Water Cooler
  10. National Service Scheme (NSS): The NSS unit of 100 students was established in the college in the session 1997-98. Since its establishment every year the NSS unit of the college organise a weekly camp in nearby villages in the guidance of programme officer. In the camp the NSS unit deliver social services, organised cultural programme, engage in plantation activity, cleanness of the ponds, roads and common places inside the village and etc. the detail of the last three years weekly camp are as follows:
Sl. No. Academic session Place Date Programme Officer
1 2010-11 Eragaon village, Manpur Block 09.12.2010 – 15.12.2010 Shri Ananth Kumar Sethiya
2 2011-12 Mahakatola village, Manpur Block 13.02.12 – 19.02.2012 Shri H.L. Bhandari
3 2012-13 Bharritola village, Manpur Block 05.01.2013 – 11.01.2013 Shri Poonam Das Vaishnav
4 2013-14 Navagaon village, Manpur Block 17.01.2014 – 23.01.2014 Dr. Devendra Kumar Sahoo
5 2015-16 Piparkhar village,Ambagarh Chowki Block 17.11.2015 – 20.01.2015 Dr. Devendra Kumar Sahoo
6 2016-17 Bhavsa-Chavela Village, Manpur Block 23.01.2017 – 29.01.2017 Dr. Devendra Kumar Sahoo
7 2017-18 Panabaras Village, Manpur Block 06.01.2018 – 12.01.2018 Dr. Devendra Kumar Sahoo